Newton Duplex

The stone has been installed on front façade of the duplex. The stone was purchased from Environmental StoneWorks  and we chose the Southern Ledge slate style in a Grey Drift color. The Cedar exterior soffits have also been installed!

Fireplaces have been installed and equipped with power vents. We chose the Cosmo 42 from Heat & Glo. Power vents allow the gas fireplaces to be installed virtually anywhere. Venting may run up to 110 feet from an outside wall or roof surface, reaching almost any room!

– Lukas, Construction Coordinator

Garfield Double Duplex


It’s been a busy week at the Garfield site, where we are finalizing the foundation work for all four units.

This week, despite some weather, we were able put a vapor barrier (the gray coating) onto the exterior walls.  This will help to keep the interior crawlspace dry, as well as providing some lasting protection to the concrete itself.

We also installed an interior perimeter drain (really just a plastic pipe with holes in it… underneath the light gray fabric paper you see just inside the concrete walls).  This perimeter drain will all flow toward a sump pit with a pump, and will help expel any water that ever makes it inside those walls.

From there, our excavation crew came to backfill against those recently-treated walls, re-filling and re-grading the site… and decreasing the size of the dirt mountain at the rear… making sure everything slopes away from the house.

The soil compactor (a.k.a. “Jumping Jack”) you see in the center of the picture is used to tamp down the dirt as it is placed… This stabilizes the soil and prevents it from “settling” later, which can direct water back toward the house.

We are currently lining up Sewer installation and Water Service installation for next week (usually done by the same subcontractor), finalizing framing bids, and getting ready to order windows.  Check back in 2 weeks for our first entry of 2017!

– Andre and Lukas, Project Management

Garfield Double Duplex


After our lot was surveyed (used to determine and locate the actual corners of the foundation), we excavated a large amount of dirt to achieve correct foundation heights. Once the dirt was removed, wood forms and steel rebar (horizontally & vertically) were set in order to install footings (as seen in pictures above).


Once the footings are poured and cured, the metal forms are placed to set the foundation walls. Forming starts at the corners, which provide endpoints for the concrete subcontractor. This allows the concrete subs to build plumb and level foundation walls. After receiving a setback and form check verification from our surveyors, we can pour the foundation walls. Since the weather has been cold, the forms had to be wrapped with blankets in order for it to cure properly.

Water/sewer service install, draining, and foundation damp proofing are next!

– Lukas and Andre, Project Management

Newton Duplex



It’s been a full house over at our spec duplex this week!

  • The Masons have been installing house wrap (a black, rugged, weather-resistant barrier) and wire lath on the exterior.  The house wrap will protect from moisture, while the wire lath holds the stucco cement in place.
  • The Electricians are hanging ceiling “can” lights, as well as boxes for outlets, fixtures, and switches.  Notice in the picture the nicely-lined-up row of cans on the first floor!
  • The Plumbers and HVAC subs are finishing up their “rough-in’s”.  This final picture shows 2nd floor laundry room, where the Plumbers have provided water hookups for the washer (on the left), and the HVAC guys provided venting for the dryer (on the right).

***FUN FACT: With washers and dryers (especially the new front-load kind), the doors open in a specific direction. You want to make sure the washer is on the LEFT and the dryer is on the RIGHT. Otherwise it’ll be a pain to move the clothes from one opening to the other.

Coming soon:  Gas Service Install, More Rough-In’s, Fireplace Installation, and Interior finish selection! Check back next week for more updates on our progress!

– Andre and Lukas, Project Management

Newton Duplex


It’s a short work week over at Newton, but we’ve been keeping busy:

  • Our Amerimax 4500 series windows continue to be installed, with a little interruption from the weather.  We hope to have all the windows and doors installed in the next few days to keep the elements out!
  • The plumbers have started rough-in’s for drains.  In the second picture (taken in the First Floor Powder Room), you can see the drains for the Second Floor bathroom toilet and tub/shower.
  • In the third picture, you can see that we had to adjust the floor framing to account for a toilet drain that happened to be located right on a floor joist.  Our framing plans try to prevent this from happening, but it’s an industry standard adjustment to allow the plumbers to keep working.

The plumbers and window installers will be working hard this week, with the electricians right after them. Check back next week for more updates on our progress!

– Andre and Lukas, Project Management

1704 S Marion

Spec single family residence, designed for Lux Builders, recently broke ground at 1704 South Marion. Set for completion Fall 2017.

Chef & Brew

The RealArchitecture Brewery Desgin/Build Team were VIP at last weeks Chef & Brew. (Left to right: David Berton, Kendall Goodman, and Andre Couvillion.) The recently completed Briar Common Brewery + Eatery, designed & built by RealArchitecture & Unreal Construction, participated in the food and beer pairing event.

Here’s to the next brewery!

Newton Duplex


It’s been a busy week over at the Newton Duplex:

  • The HVAC contractor has been running ductwork and preparing to install the heating and cooling systems.  Since the furnaces will be installed now, the areas behind them that will be blocked must be pre-insulated and pre-drywalled.  Luckily, our Senior Site Supervisor, Ken was able to get this done for us.
  • Our Amerimax 4500 series windows are being installed now as well.  Notice the sill flashing installed on the window opening BEFORE the installation of the windows.  This waterproof flashing helps prevent any infiltrating moisture from seeping into the framing and wall cavity.
  • Finally, we just ordered the stone for the front facade!  Grey Drift – Southern Ledge Stone from Environmental Stone Works.  We selected a dark stone that should compliment the lighter-colored stucco and the warmth of the cedar soffits to create a beautiful exterior.

The plumbers are lined up to start their rough-in’s, with the electricians right up after them. Check back next week for more updates on our progress!

– Andre and Lukas, Project Management

Newton Duplex

As our HVAC and Plumbing subcontractors prepare to install their systems inside the house, the “Drying In” process has started:

  • The entire building has been surrounded by scaffolding for stucco installation… but in the meantime, we are using that access to start flashing the openings for window install!
  • The roofers have started to install the roof (we are using a thermoplastic membrane called “TPO”… the white stuff in the picture). This membrane allows for (almost) flat roofs over living space.  In order to provide a little extra protection under the membrane, the roofers are installing DensDeck (the black boards), which adds durability, mold resistance, thermal resistance, and fire protection.

Check back for more updates on the “Dry In” process, and the installation of the house systems!

– Andre, Project Coordinator

Eliot Apartments

The second half of the main level post tension slab at Eliot Apartments has been poured! Next up are the columns and the east half of the second level PT.