Newton Duplex



It’s been a busy week over at the Newton Duplex:

  • The HVAC contractor has been running ductwork and preparing to install the heating and cooling systems.  Since the furnaces will be installed now, the areas behind them that will be blocked must be pre-insulated and pre-drywalled.  Luckily, our Senior Site Supervisor, Ken was able to get this done for us.
  • Our Amerimax 4500 series windows are being installed now as well.  Notice the sill flashing installed on the window opening BEFORE the installation of the windows.  This waterproof flashing helps prevent any infiltrating moisture from seeping into the framing and wall cavity.
  • Finally, we just ordered the stone for the front facade!  Grey Drift – Southern Ledge Stone from Environmental Stone Works.  We selected a dark stone that should compliment the lighter-colored stucco and the warmth of the cedar soffits to create a beautiful exterior.

The plumbers are lined up to start their rough-in’s, with the electricians right up after them. Check back next week for more updates on our progress!

– Andre and Lukas, Project Management