Best of Houzz 2020

Eliot Apartments

Progress is moving quickly at Eliot Apartments, our 72-unit building at 2525 Eliot.

Framing is nearly complete and the ‘drying in’ process has begun.  Framers are installing windows and exterior doors while the roofers are applying the waterproof membrane at the roof.  Thus, after the windows, doors and membrane are complete, installation will speed up on the interior. Then, work will continue on the electrical wiring, heating and cooling equipment, insulation, and drywall.

Keep an eye out for more updates… including more photos of the stunning view from the roof!

Newton Duplex

It’s been a busy few weeks at Newton… we’ll get to the pretty pictures of the tile install and the hardwood flooring next week.  This week, we are talking about SCIENCE! (Wait… where are you going?  It will be interesting, I promise!)

We performed a Blower Door Test on the house last week.

A what?

Okay, okay.  Let’s make this less technical:  The gaps, cracks, and holes in the house, the more cold air can get in during the winter, right?  Well, how do we find these small gaps and cracks to seal them?

We use a Blower Door Test.  Basically, we close all the windows and doors in the entire house except one.  In that one opening, we install the big red frame you see in the picture. Then, we will insert a powerful fan that blows air out of the house.  Because all the windows and doors are closed, air gets sucked into the house through all the gaps and cracks.
















We walk around the house with a “smoke pencil” (think: a very small, uncool fog machine) to test where the air is coming in… when we hold up the vapor/smoke to an area, the movement or stillness of the vapor shows us where air is rushing into the house.  We can then use caulk or foam to seal up the cracks, making the house much tighter and more energy efficient.

Ideally, we would do this process before insulation and drywall go up (and we will on future projects).  We can still make a big difference, even this late in construction.

Stay tuned next week for the pretty pictures… your science lesson is done… for now!

Andre Couvillion – Project Coordinator

Garfield Double Duplex

It has definitely been busy this week at Garfield!

Bulk Plan and Sheathing inspections are scheduled for early next week since the South Duplex is completely framed. Stairs were delivered today (3/31) and are scheduled be installed Monday (4/3). In addition, the windows and sliding glass doors arrive Monday afternoon. HVAC install will also begin next week.




Felt and lath, or the stucco underlayment, has been installed on the North Duplex.    Our electricians have installed the recessed cans throughout. In addition, plumbing is nearly complete in both units. Stone siding has been ordered for the exterior.  Check in back next week!

Garfield Double Duplex




It has been a couple of busy weeks over at Garfield Street. The North Duplex has passed sheathing inspection, allowing windows and sliding glass doors to be installed.








Framers have installed stairs, while the carpenters work on the fascia of the Duplex. Roofers have installed TPO and will continue with shingle installation next week. HVAC has begun installing their equipment as framers moved on to the South Duplex.




Main level has been completed and second floor walls are about to go up! Cedar for exterior soffits is scheduled for Monday delivery. Up next for the North Duplex are plumbers and stucco subcontractors, while framing continues for the South Duplex.

– Lukas, Construction Manager

Newton Duplex


Things are looking great over at the Newton Spec Duplex!

After taking videos of the “guts” of the house (in case we need to find anything later), we started to hang and tape the drywall.  This step really makes the construction site start to feel like a home!  As you can see from the picture, the fasteners and seams are mudded and taped first… after that, the subcontractors will come through and completely coat the walls and ceiling with more “mud”, providing a uniform material to accept paint.  This coating can be finished completely smooth or with texture – this project will have a light “pull trowel” texture in order to hide imperfections and give the walls just a little character. Look for pictures next week!

We also have the gas meters set for both sides!  This long process with Xcel is finally complete, and it means we can run the furnaces in the house – an important step, as it allows the drywall “mud” to set more quickly and will allow us to install the hardwood floors under proper conditions.

Finally, the framers are finishing up the cedar soffits on the garages.  This 4 foot overhang will provide a little bit of shade in the backyard during Denver’s hot summer afternoons.

Check back next week for more interior and exterior progress, and the results of our Blower Door Test!

-Andre, Project Coordinator

Garfield Double Duplex

Appreciable progress on the framing for Garfield north Duplex. Third floor walls are almost all up and ready to install roof following week! Stairs will be measured on site this upcoming Monday and soon framers will be ready to move on to the south Duplex. Roofing on this duplex will begin soon. Water service lines are currently being dug and meter pits installed. Job is running smoothly!

Newton Duplex

It’s been a busy week at the Newton Duplex, as the house really starts to take its final form!

On the interior, we have been installing insulation and vapor barrier.  As the pictures shows, we are using R-21  batt insulation in the 2×6 walls and a combination of 3” of closed cell spray foam insulation and batts for the ceiling/roof.  Our trusty Site Supervisor, Ken, took lengthy videos before the insulation went in, documenting the location of all HVAC, electrical, and plumbing “guts” in the wall in case we need to find them after we hang drywall.

On the exterior, the masons have been busy on the scaffolding, installing the stucco – which is a multiple layer process.  The pictures show the under-coat, which will be covered by the “finish coat” which will contain the final color selections.

Finally, the framers have erected the garages behind the house!  These two-car garages went up quickly, and they will be coated with stucco to match the house.

Check back next week to see the progress:  Drywall stocking, color-coat on the stucco, and possibly pictures of a Blower Door Test!

-Andre, Project Coordinator

Garfield Double Duplex

There has been great progress on the Garfield Duplexes. Water lines have been installed and backfilled. They need to be connected to the large water main in Garfield Street. Front porches have also been poured!

Framers have been working hard these past two weeks, completing 2nd level framing and installing shaft wall on the North Duplex. The 3rd level lumber package was delivered this morning and framers are close to completing the shell.  Soon they will move to the south duplex to frame it.

– Lukas, Construction Manager

Garfield Double Duplex

Due to the snow, things were a little quiet this week at the Garfield Double Duplexes.

We did get the sewer lines completely installed and backfilled: The vertical white pipes you see sticking up out of the dirt are two-way cleanouts, which are required by code in order to allow access to the entire sewer line from house to alley.

The trenches have been dug from the front of all four units to the city sidewalk… once it warms up a bit, the subcontractor will install ¾” copper water lines, tying into the large water main in the street.  The process of making that connection in the street is interesting, and we hope to get pictures of it next week!

Coming up: Framing!

– Andre, Project Coordinator