Newton Duplex

It’s been a busy week at the Newton Duplex, as the house really starts to take its final form!

On the interior, we have been installing insulation and vapor barrier.  As the pictures shows, we are using R-21  batt insulation in the 2×6 walls and a combination of 3” of closed cell spray foam insulation and batts for the ceiling/roof.  Our trusty Site Supervisor, Ken, took lengthy videos before the insulation went in, documenting the location of all HVAC, electrical, and plumbing “guts” in the wall in case we need to find them after we hang drywall.

On the exterior, the masons have been busy on the scaffolding, installing the stucco – which is a multiple layer process.  The pictures show the under-coat, which will be covered by the “finish coat” which will contain the final color selections.

Finally, the framers have erected the garages behind the house!  These two-car garages went up quickly, and they will be coated with stucco to match the house.

Check back next week to see the progress:  Drywall stocking, color-coat on the stucco, and possibly pictures of a Blower Door Test!

-Andre, Project Coordinator