Newton Duplex


Things are looking great over at the Newton Spec Duplex!

After taking videos of the “guts” of the house (in case we need to find anything later), we started to hang and tape the drywall.  This step really makes the construction site start to feel like a home!  As you can see from the picture, the fasteners and seams are mudded and taped first… after that, the subcontractors will come through and completely coat the walls and ceiling with more “mud”, providing a uniform material to accept paint.  This coating can be finished completely smooth or with texture – this project will have a light “pull trowel” texture in order to hide imperfections and give the walls just a little character. Look for pictures next week!

We also have the gas meters set for both sides!  This long process with Xcel is finally complete, and it means we can run the furnaces in the house – an important step, as it allows the drywall “mud” to set more quickly and will allow us to install the hardwood floors under proper conditions.

Finally, the framers are finishing up the cedar soffits on the garages.  This 4 foot overhang will provide a little bit of shade in the backyard during Denver’s hot summer afternoons.

Check back next week for more interior and exterior progress, and the results of our Blower Door Test!

-Andre, Project Coordinator